Wedding Week in Santorini Part Three


While planning our week in Santorini I knew we didn’t want to schedule too much because there’s nothing like everyone being on vacation and feeling like they’re obligated to attend activities throughout the week. During the day everyone would throw out their plans on our WhatsApp group chat and groups of people would break off to explore the island. We would pick a meeting point after dinner and almost every night we were together as one big group, which was a…

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Wedding Week in Santorini Part Two


I’ve been really fortunate to do my share of traveling, but Santorini has always been on a pedestal to me. I knew I’d eventually get there but never in a million years did I think it would be to get married. I’m holding out sharing the details of how we ultimately picked Santorini for our wedding destination for when I share our wedding photos but needless to say there were moments throughout the week where I had to pinch myself. I’m…

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My Secret To A Whiter Smile


When people comment on my teeth I joke that my secret to keeping them white is by drinking lots of coffee. If there are two things I love that couldn’t compete more with one another, it’s pearly whites and my cup(s) of Joe. In preparation for the wedding there were a couple of things I prioritized when it came to feeling and looking my best. Before we left I shared my fitness routine and second to that it was important…

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Wedding Week in Santorini Part One


I really don’t even know where to start this. For the last 15 months we had been planning our wedding in Santorini, a time in which I became blatantly obsessed with the Island. I had probably searched for a total time of three weeks picking our hotel, scouting recommendations for our guests, determining distance between hotels, wedding venues, restaurants. I don’t think a day passed that I didn’t search the hashtags of #santoriniwedding, #santorini, #vangelisphotography and the like. I…

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8 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Workout Anywhere -

In terms of fitness, I go through cycles (no pun intended) of what I commit to doing regularly. I like to switch it up and am always game to add new workouts to my routine, it helps me stay challenged and prevents my workouts from feeling stale. Living in Tahoe affords so many opportunities to opt outside that I can hardly stand to workout at a gym anymore, especially during summer. When I’m not taking advantage of the countless outdoor sports…

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Black and White Statement Pants


Sweet Wanderer top (similar), Ella Moss trousers via thredUp (similar here and here), Seychelles sandals, Forever 21 clutch (similar) Photo credit: Kristin Mansky If I could sum up why I love shopping recycled fashion so much, the answer would be these pants. Let me tell you a short story about destiny and how small our world is. On thredUp you can’t keep items in your cart for longer than 24 hours before they are removed. They send you an email after…

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