Twenty Six

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Hello, stranger! I want to first start off by saying thank you so much for all the sweet birthday wishes. I could not have asked for a more fun, quality and special couple of days spent in the City with a handful of my favorite people. We covered a good amount of San Francisco by foot, stopping every few blocks for drinks or a snack, went out to an incredible Spanish dinner that reminded me of my time in Spain, made a family dinner and sat around the table laughing for hours and maybe dropped it like it was hot in the Castro? All I know is I am completely swelled with happiness to have such amazing friends and family in my life. THANK YOU!

 I wanted to get this post up before I left to San Francisco but it wasn’t in the cards. In follow up to last year’s birthday post, I figured it was better late than never to know 26 additional quirky things  you might not know about me.

1. My friends make fun of me for wearing gloves when I wash dishes.

2. I get really indecisive about small things.

3. I’ve never broken a bone (knock on wood.)

4. I may or may not be listening to Justin Bieber right now.

5. I cry a little when I see roadkill.

6. I used to be a fat kid.

7. Growing up I wanted to be a marine biologist.

8. I don’t like saying the singular form of “eggs.”

9. When I was 18 I competed in the Miss California, USA pageant.

10. Until about six months ago I thought a barracuda was a land animal.

11. I hate folding sheets.

12. I’ve traveled to more places internationally than I know state capitals – either completely embarrassing or really cool.

13. In 2007 I lived in New York City for a summer doing a fashion design internship.

14. I have a crush on Australian accents.

15. I am the worst joke teller.

16. From time to time I like me a good cigar.

17. When I was a kid my favorite food was rice and ketchup.

18. I will not touch an escalator handrail.

19. The first movie I ever cried at was ET.

20. If I could travel back in time I’d go back to when dinosaurs were alive.

21. I tell my dog she’s my best friend every day.

22. While brushing my teeth I am usually simultaneously doing something else.

23. I’m almost always listening to music.

24. During my sophomore year of high school I chopped my hair off. Like Victoria Beckham style, minus the Victoria Beckham.

25. I keep cards people give me.

26. I was once a big, stuffed bluebird in a local play.

*Disclaimer: Unless you share something about yourself these things are never to be used against me for your laughing pleasure or anyone else’s.

Thank you so much for reading!


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  1. You know I’m going to use these against you, in fact, I think I already do. So, for me, I often sleep with my unfolded clean clothes on my bed cause I’m too lazy to put them away. So does Amanda!

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