Our Santorini Wedding Video

Sams Santorini Wedding

Nearly nine months later and I’m needing to pinch myself again watching the trailer of our wedding in Santorini. The sweet moments that our videographer was able to capture make my heart swell. I love seeing the moments of Shannan and the guys getting ready since we were not a part of each other’s days until the ceremony. This footage takes me back to Santorini so vividly that I can actually smell the Agean breeze and feel Shannan’s hand as we exchanged our vows. I’m forever grateful that this trailer and our full length motion picture will allow us to revisit this stunning day for the rest of our lives.

I have to tell you a quick story about the song we went with for the trailer. I’ve always had a deep connection to music and I’m embarrassed to say how long I had pondered a song for our wedding trailer (like over a year). Every song I heard, I would listen to how it would make me feel and considered if it matched the video in my mind of how our day would look long before I had seen Santorini with my own eyes. Jubel by Kingande always evoked the butterflies in my stomach when envisioning our time in Santorini but I debated whether or not it would make a good wedding footage song. In any case, we had found two other songs we debated over and in fact, were leaning towards for our trailer.

The day before our wedding we booked a boat with all of our guests to tour Santorini by sea. It was one of my favorite and most fun days of my entire life (you can read more about it here). As the day was wrapping up and we were heading back to Santorini, our friends Del and Patrick called everyone to the upper level of the boat for a final dance party. At this time, I had started feeling anxious thinking about all I/we still needed to get done that evening so I agreed a smidge reluctantly that we could stop the boat for this silly “dance party.” The boat stops, we are all upstairs, Patrick gets on music and moments later Jubel starts playing as loud as the system could play. For the next four minutes it felt like time was moving in slow motion for me. I looked around and watched 60 of our closest friends and family dance, laugh, cheers and celebrate. I bit my lip as I tried to stop my eyes from welling because the moment was so perfect, I wanted to make it last forever. And because of this footage, it feels as though the moment and feeling was captured and will do just that.

Videography by WedFilms Studio

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