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Protein Packed Breakfast Go-To’s

I’m very much a routine morning person; I love waking up early and tending to the small rituals that make morning my favorite part of the day. I start my day…


Naked Cake

A while back it was a couple of my best friend’s birthdays, so as the unofficial honorary birthday cake-maker of the group I wanted to try something new that I…


Kale Chips

This really isn’t the most ground breaking recipe but if you’re into the act of bring hand to mouth then I’ve successfully gone right up your alley. Before I started…


Coconut Topped Brownies

If I’ve tricked you into clicking on this post because you saw a photo of delicious brownies with an ambrosial coconut toping and your inner fat kid did a small…


Paleo Southwestern Stuffed Bell Peppers

In the past I’ve made stuffed bell peppers with some sort of grain based mix: quinoa, brown rice, cous cous, etc. Though, with Mexico right around the corner I’m trying…